ShowBox Alternatives For 2018/2019

There are some people who have been panicked after the assertion of ShowBox been shut down. It was known that ShowBox was the Best Streaming App for Movies, Shows, Tv Dramas, Trailers and much more. ShowBox APK was one of the most downloaded APK for streaming website as it is mostly used on Android and PC.

ShowBox Alternatives

ShowBox has we have discussed above got shut down, but as a tech expert, we needed to look for alternatives for our audience and as a way of making new research for streaming Apps. The compiled list below will give you choices of what streaming platform you will like to make use of.

1. kodi 

Kodi is definitely a good alternative for ShowBox, as it is widely use on many Streaming Dongle such as Amazon. Kodi is a very reliable Streaming App and can be sourced at almost anywhere, You can watch top and latest movies, Shows, Drama, Trailers and even top Celebrities Programs. Kodi does not need any App developer as it is very much Open to any contributors such that, it is an open source App.

Kodi can be used on different type of devices, as I have said above, it is used on Amazon Tv or even on Chromecast, Kodi can be installed also on Android, iOS, Mac, Linux and even on Window devices.

2. Popcorn Time

This is one of my favorite streaming App after ShowBox as its very popular among the North Americans, Many people love this App as it doesn’t matter if you have slow internet speed. Popcorn Time automatically download some part of the video content so it doesn’t buff even though network is not stable, as it makes use of torrent technology. Also Popcorn Time does not expose your I.P unlike some other streaming App like Kodi which leaks your I.P if you don’t make use of  a VPN.

3. Titanium TV

Titanium TV is more like Terrarium Tv as it appears to be cloned, as their appearance and functionality are much of the same. many users believe they are of the same App and might be intentionally cloned to curtail the number of users they have.

Titanium Tv is a great alternative for ShowBox as they are even more popular among streaming Dongle like Amazon Fire Tv and Chromecast. Titanium Tv has a long catalog of movies, Tv shows, Trailers and even Dramas. This video content are ranges from latest video content to old library in which you have choices of making a list of desired movie at any time.

4. Cinema HD (APK)

Cinema HD is an android base APk App that allow its users to stream any time of video, after the shutdown of ShowBox, Many streamers went all way for Cinema HD as its very well compact-able with Android Phone and has a good video quality. Cinema HD is widely used on Firestick and Amazon TV as its functionality is much seamless for Amazon Firestick Remote.

Cinema HD APK is definitely one of a great choice I will recommend for anyone who wants to watch latest movie or video content, as they update their servers and content almost every seconds and it automatically input new movies due to the system updates.

5. Cyberflix

Cyberflix is another ShowBox alternative, as it is also almost identical to Titanium Tv in terms of its interface. Cyberflix has a lot of video content which you can stream movies, Dramas, Shows and trailers from. The App has an extensive quality that ranges in HD categories.

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