CotoMovies Error and Fixes

Apps are prone to have some little issues of troubleshooting, more than 90% of Apps comes up with some technical problems more than ones in their life span. Definitely Cotomovies App is also one of those Apps that may experience such.

Error For “Unable to Install”

When such error occurs or comes up, its definitely one thing, you have not given permission to your device by going to settings>>> Security>>> “Unknown Sources” and allowing Apps to install from unknown source

Error For Crashing

When such errors occur, its definitely your ISP frustrating you, I recommend you use a good VPN when installing your Cotomovies, such as Pure VPN

Note:A strong advice for Cotomovies users should use a very good VPN. I normally use PureVPN for my devices as they are more trusted, faster in streaming and they don’t keep long making me more anonymous.

 Error on Frequent Buffering

Buffering normally occur when the internet connection is very poor or probably if your ISP is intentionally throttling your data usage. The best you can do here is to use a VPN as I have recommended above and another option is to change your Internet provider.

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