Moviebox is an app normally installed on Android or iOS devices. Major iPhone users are very much fond of having a MovieBox app on their devices, Android phone users make major use of APK files for easy installation. This app is installed with the aim of watching or streaming live shows and movies, while trying to evade pay per view sort of movies or show.

MovieBox makes use of P2P to stream what ever shows or movies you intend with the help of torrent and with this, you can enjoy streaming and watching your desired tv shows and movie.

What Torrent and P2P are all About

Don’t get lost or confused seeing those wording above, as many people really don’t know what it is all about even though they do hear about it time to time.

Torrents is actually a computer file that hold several form of information which contains metadata. The torrent file normally comes with an extension in this form “.torrent“. The BitTorrent is used to distributes the information held by the Torrent with the use of its software such as uTorrent which finally allows intended users to download torrent file to their computer as the case may be.


P2P actually stands for Peer to Peer; The “Peer” are actually the computer devices which are connected together via the internet with the major aim of sharing either information or files. Therefore a P2P is technically a File Sharing server as well as a client.

Are There any risk Having Moviebox on Your Devices?

This questions are not obviously new and I think its very wise to find out if its safe having a MovieBox app on your devices and why you may decide to change your mind after reading this.

MovieBox app is majorly and mainly downloaded from the internet. Now take it this way, I uploaded a file of a copyrighted work, and you decided to download that file in which you will eventually use or share the file with someone else, If by any chance I am traced and caught while my sharing or uploading and downloading of the file activities are investigated, if they traced your IP to have also downloaded the file, the authority will definitely come for you too, because you participated in file sharing. Torrenting is all about file sharing, definitely you either act as an uploader, downloader or both.

How To Stay Safe Using Movie Box

There are precaution to observe if you really want to enjoy using Moviebox, I will highlight them below, make sure you adhere to the method and ways that will be discussed, because MovieBox is very much illegal to download, its all about piracy, in some countries you may face jail term and fines while some you just pay fine. I will discuss this aspect in my next post of the illegalities and the consequences that are attached to it.

Make use of a good VPN(Virtual Private Network), in using a VPN, there are many things to be considered and must be adhered to because your ISP needs not to suspect or even see what you are doing, using a good VPN will make all your activities encrypted and no one will be able to trace what you are actually doing, not even the authority

  1. Your chosen VPN must not be able to keep logs of your activities. There are some VPN companies that keep logs, check reviews to be able to ascertain yours don’t keep logs. It was reported that a specific VPN company kept logs of their clients and FBI used this to fish out and arrest some of their clients. I am sorry I am not at liberty to say which VPN company that is
  2. Make sure the VPN allows P2P connection (torrent), they must also show they don’t throttle your network. Some VPN company seems to throttle network of their clients once they are connecting or making a P2P connection.
  3. The VPN must have mobile application and support Mobile application. Since you will making majorly use of your mobile devices like IPAD, IPHONES or ANDROID you will need your VPN to support applications also.
  4. Your choice of VPN must be very well popular and vetted not to have bad ratings, always keep your eyes on reviews as they may help you in choosing the right VPN.

If you can follow the instructions above, I am very much sure you will have no problem enjoying your MovieBox. Always remember to clear logs and keep your privacy intact.

Download MovieBox App For Android

Android users are now opportune to watch and stream Millions of movies without any sign up fee. In this case if you own an Android phone and you have been bored with time, then you are at the right place.

All you will need to know is to follow the process of downloading an APk file that will enable you to install MovieBox on your device.

I have discussed what APK File is all about in my other post and I will recommend you take a glance at it. APK files can not be downloaded on Google Play Store, neither can you download MovieBox on Google Play Store. There are many secure file sharing Websites that enables you get access to APK files of your choice.

Now you will need to install this MovieBox Application on your Android device, though I have discussed it on my Post Here but i will not mind giving you some insight on how to do it.

How to install MovieBox APK for Android device

  1. Click any of the Download link above, Wait until APK file download is completed.
  2. Click the APK file to start installation process for your device  i.e Tap install > You will observe the application is installing > Activate unknown sources installation to continue installation process.
  3. Finally, It will prompt you to either open or exit by clicking done, if you decide to click open you will see MovieBox Android app opened and many videos will be displayed with options to either download or stream online.
  4. Click on ShowBox app and download or watch online your favorite movies with your smartphone for free.

Download MovieBox Streaming Tv App For iOS

I have also discussed this topic of How to download MovieBox iOS on my other Post too, but I will also give you a quick review here.

One of the way to download the MovieBox iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad such as IPA side-load, online installation and making use of cydia for already jailbroken devices.

Now let see how to install MovieBox and trust me, it is not difficult to do if you can follow the procedures below.

Installation of MovieBox IPA on iPhones and iPad

I have already discussed what MovieBox IPA is in my other post, if you are yet to see it kindly follow this link MovieBox IPA.

  1. Download the latest IPA software on your Pc or MacBook.
  2. Download Cydia impactor tool on your Pc or MacBook
  3. Connect your selected device either iPhone or iPad with a recommended cable.
  4. Launch the Cydia Impactor tool on your Pc and drag the MovieBox IPA into it.
  5. Enter your Apple credentials and wait for the Cydia impactor to side load  the MovieBox IPA on your selected devices.
  6. Once the MovieBox IPA has been successfully side-loaded , Now got to Settings > General > Profiles & Device Management and select your Apple ID email and “trust” the MovieBox app.
  7. That is all, you can now open MovieBox displayed on your home screen and enjoy streaming.

How to Install Movie Box App on PC

It is interesting to know that MovieBox is very much available to PC users, and it makes streaming of videos more interesting and enjoyable.

One thing you should know which is very unfortunate to an extent is that, the developer of MovieBox actually specifically made MovieBox for Android devices and iOS mobile devices. But always technology has a loop hole when it comes to getting an answer to a specific question.

There is an alternative way to install  MovieBox on your PC and it will be perfectly tutored.

MovieBox Streaming Tv

As earlier said, there is a way to install MovieBox on your Pc without any hitches. This can be done using a third party software which is capable to run on both Window and Linux operating system, the software is called Android Emulator. Bluestack and NOX are the major emulator used across the globe. What this software does is to create and Android environment for your Pc where everything will display like you are operating an Android device. All that is required is to install MovieBox APK on your computer with an Emulator and you can begin to stream videos endlessly.

MovieBox on Chromecast

MovieBox on Chromecast will definitely give you endless access to a lot of videos such as Movies, Trailers, Tv shows and even Dramas of your choice. This can give you access to videos both online and even offline.

MovieBox on Chromecast

Features of MovieBox Chromecast

  • MovieBox is as easy to install on Chromecast as anything.
  • It gives you access to a lot of videos both online and offline.
  • You can decide to download any choice of your desired video content.
  • It gives you access to share movies from MovieBox with friends.
  • You can create a custom channel of list of movies as you want.

How to Use the MovieBox App on Chromecast

You will need to download the latest MovieBox App for your Chromecast so you can install it into the dongle.

Download MovieBox App For Chromecast (Download)

  • Download an Application from the Google Playstore or App Store called Allcast or you can make use of an alternative app called localcast.
  • After installing the MovieBox App on the Chromecast dongle, download the Allcast App and install it on your smart phone or PC likewise and follow the pop up walk through that will appear.
  • Connect your Tv and smart Phone or Pc which serves as the remote since the Allcast app is installed on it to the same stable wifi connection.
  • Open the MovieBox on Chromecast and enjoy streaming of videos and downloading.